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Shopping Steps

Shopping Steps:

1- Firstly, you should register as a member in our website.
- For registration, you can use "Register as a member" or "Click for New Membership" links.

2- After determining the quantity of the products that you want to buy, you can add them to your shopping basket by clicking on “Add to Basket” button. The purpose of the shopping basket is to provide convenience by eliminating the requirement to purchase as soon as the customer selects the product.

3- You can see the price and other information regarding the product, change the quantities of the products or remove any product/s from your Shopping Basket. The price you see is your final purchase price.

4- You can purchase the products in your Shopping Basket using as Payment by credit card, GarantiPay, money order/EFT or BKM Express. After selecting the mode of payment, the details screen appears according to the mode of payment that you have selected. After entering the information requested, click on the “Purchase” button.

5- If you will make the payment by credit card; the information is transmitted over Internet via a special gateway to the network processing mechanism (SSL) by which the banks making or receiving the payment approve or reject this transaction at the time you approve the order. If your credit card information is valid and effective, your order is accepted. The price of the products that you have purchased is received by us via the bank. If the order is completed positively, an e-mail containing the information related with the order is sent to the customer. The product purchased is sent to the customer by means of the contracted courier company selected by the customer. The products are delivered by the courier company to the person that will receive the order after he/she shows his/her identity card.

6- After these steps, the system will automatically assign an order number to you and direct you to the order tracking module. This number must be recorded for performing the following payment and order tracking processes.

7- You can check the current status of your orders  at any time desired using the order tracking module.

8- The products ordered will be delivered to the customer not later than 10 (ten) business days after receipt of the payment confirmation for the order.

Our company is not responsible for the delays that may be experienced with the courier company due to adverse weather conditions or other force majeure events.