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In-Store Delivery

What is In-Store Delivery?

It is an application allowing you to pick up and receive your order from the Faik Sönmez store you prefer. It will be enough for you to select any of our stores convenient for you as the delivery address while creating your order.

By preferring In-Store Delivery option, you may try on the product that you order in our store and also find the opportunity to make elegant combinations using other items supplementing your product.

How can I select In-Store Delivery feature?

When you select “I want to pick up and receive from store” from the delivery and invoice details section, you can select our store that is convenient for you from and among the listed stores.

Is In-Store Delivery service a paid option?

There is no cargo shipping fee or an extra charge collected for your orders that you create using In-Store Delivery option.

When will my order arrive to the store?

The products that you order are sent to our store in 5 business days following the date of order.

How can I learn about the arrival of my order to the store?

When your order arrives to our store, an information message will be sent to your e-mail address and mobile phone recorded in your membership details.

How and when can I pick up my order from the store?

You can pick up the products that you have ordered against Signature by declaring your order number and presenting your identity document (Identity Card, Driving License or Passport) at the Checkout Counter in our Stores.

You can pick up your order from our street stores between the hours of 10:00-19:00 for 6 days of the week except for Sundays or from our Shopping Mall stores between the hours of 10:00-21:30 for 7 days a week.

Can anyone except me pick up my order?

If you cannot come to our store to pick up your order, any person that you will authorize may pick up your order from our store on your behalf. In such cases, our store will call and inform you using your phone number recorded in your order details before delivering your order, as required by our security practice. No order will be delivered if you cannot be reached by phone and your “consent for delivery” cannot be received.

How long will the store hold my order for me to pick it up?

The products that you have ordered will be held in our stores for 7 days after they arrive to the store. The products that are not picked up within this period are sent back to our Internet warehouse.

Can I Exchange and Return the orders that I will pick up from Store?

You can exchange and return the products at/through our stores or our Website in 30 days following the date you pick up your order from the store, providing that the product/products are not used.

Does your store offer free alteration service?

Yes. The alteration works are provided free of charge in our stores for the products that you pick up from stores during 15 days after purchase.