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Delivery Tracking

When will I receive the product that I order?

For your orders that by credit card, the bank’s confirmation can be received instantaneously and your order can be processed immediately. For your orders placed by money order, the payment that you deposit is tracked by checking our accounts in the beginning of every workday and the orders for which the related payments are received are switched to the preparation stage. If there is any problem experienced in the stage of supply of the products in your order, all information related with the product is sent by our customer services to your e-mail address registered in our system. The products that you buy are delivered to the courier company as soon as possible for final delivery to you. After receiving the parcels, the courier companies carry and deliver the parcels according to the region that you reside in and deliver them to your address in the regions where delivery to the address is performed or to the related courier branch office in the regions where delivery to the address cannot be performed.

With which courier company will my order be sent?

For Domestic deliveries ; our company has a current contract with MNG and YURTICI courier company.

Delivery to the address cannot be performed to the military zones due to their security rules. Occasionally, there may be delays in the deliveries due to the events of regional origin impeding or retarding deliveries.

How will I understand that my order is sent by courier?

When your orders that you place from our website are delivered to the courier company, the courier shipment information related with your order are automatically sent to your e-mail address registered in our system.

In addition, when you log in as a member to our website, you can view your orders from the “Order Tracking” section and track the current status of your order instantaneously.

Will I pay any fee when I receive my order?

No extra payment is due at the time of delivery. The courier fee is borne by our company for any international transactions exceeding 35.000 TL and above for domestic transactions 1.750 TL and above. If any courier fee needs to be  collected it will be added to your payment at the time of your purchase. If the delivery person requests any fee from you, DO NOT PAY HIM OR HER and  please get into contact with us.

My order has arrived defectively or erroneously; what should I do?

When your order is delivered to you by, you should  check the outer package for any possible damages before accepting delivery of your order and ensure that a ‘Damage Assessment Report’ is prepared by the delivery person in case of a damage. Please make sure that the explanations  reported  by the delivery person is accurate. For example; since a record such as ‘There is no damage in the product. Parcel is damaged’ will be a problematic explanation during product replacement.

(For example: When I received the product, it was checked and was seen to be damaged.)

In case of any damage that you notice after taking delivery of your order, you should immediately inform your courier branch office and ask for their help for issuance of a damage assessment report. If you cannot receive the required help from the courier branch office, you should get into contact with our customer services.

After you make the delivery person issue the report and send the product to us, your replacement process will be completed rapidly and you will be informed duly.

Important: You must send to us your product that you have received defectively/in damaged condition by means of the courier company that has delivered the product to you in accordance with the return procedures.

My invoice was not delivered together with my order; what should I do?

All of the orders delivered via courier service are delivered to the courier company according to the invoice and together with the invoice.

Our official invoices are integral parts of your order consigned. Your invoice is sent to you in a transparent plastic pocket bag attached to the exterior of the parcel containing your order.

If the invoice placed in this pocket is not delivered to you by the courier company for any reason, please remind it to the delivery person and ask for it insistently.

Please make the delivery person issue a report for the invoice not delivered despite all your requests and notify us. It will be ensured that the courier company finds it or a copy of it sealed as the true copy of the original will be sent by us to you.

The incoming product is not the product that I have ordered? (Its size, color or product code is different)

You can send the damaged/defective or wrong product to us by means of MNG or YURTICI Courier company in accordance with the return procedures  for domestic transactions. For Internatıonal orders make an official report with the courier company that it is a wrong delivery, do not receive the product and please notify us. We will send you the correct goods with no additional charge.

When we receive the product, it shall be replaced and the correct product will be sent to you as soon as possible.

The incoming product is defective; what should I do?

You can send the damaged/defective product received to us by means of MNG or YURTICI Courier company in accordance with the return procedures.When we receive the product, it shall be replaced and the correct product will be sent to you as soon as possible.

I did not receive all of the products that I have ordered?

If there is more than one product in your order, we can make partial shipments.The courier fee is borne by our company in case of partial product shipments.

The quantity of products and the number of products specified on the invoice received by you should be the same. Separate invoice shall be issued for each partial consignment.In case that the products specified on the invoice are not found in the parcel, ask the delivery person to issue a report and contact us.

What will happen when there is nobody in the address at the time of delivery?

If the delivery person cannot find any person in the address, he leaves a ‘Courier Advice Note’ and brings the cargo back to the branch office. In such cases, the cargo should be received by the buyer from the branch office in 3 (three) days.

Can I change the buyer’s name or address after placing the order?

If your order is not dispatched yet, you can change the buyer’s name or address. The courier delivery person that will arrive to your address will make the delivery to the person that you have designated by checking the identity cards.

What are the points of consideration during cargo delivery?

When the products listed in your order that you have placed via our website are received by you, you may, if desired, open and check the courier parcel after signing the voucher of delivery while the delivery person is still with you. In case of any error or missing items in the content of the parcel, you may make the delivery person prepare a courier report and send it back to us or inform us.If you experience any problem with the delivery person in such cases, we kindly request you to inform us immediately.

From which cities can I place an order?

You can place an order from anywhere in Turkey or abroad. There is not any restriction of location within the boundaries of Turkey. The deliveries of the products can only be performed in the regions where our contracted courier company operates. Since no delivery can be performed in the regions without any branch office of our contracted courier company, our customers may have to go to the courier branch office to which the parcel has been delivered and receive the parcel from there.100

Can I place order from abroad?

You can place an order from anywhere in abroad.

All costs and expenses that may arise shall be borne by the BUYER.

The return of products sold to foreign countries is not acceptable as per the customs legislation.