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Anahtar Kelime
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21.12.2015 00:00:00

We all love long weekend escapades in winter months. But we are also challenged by the question “which destination”. To ease your decision, let us just tell the rising trend of this winter: Copenhagen!

The reason of bringing up the city is an innovative understanding that prioritizes design. Boutique hotels are striking in this matter with their modern decoration and furniture, each item of which is an object of desire. Among the leading structures of the city is Grundtvig Church or Grundtvigs Kirke to cite its original name. The building is glorious with its towers rising 49 meters to the sky and five million bricks used in its construction. Another must-see is the concert hall by Jean Nouvel. One of the most striking features of the building besides its 1800-seat concert hall and perfect acoustics is its transparent façade coating that allows the daylight and that becomes an area of performance with reflected images at nights. The city has a lot to talk about, but the Little Mermaid sculpture is one of the locations that shine out. It is the most famous symbol of Copenhagen. The answer to the question ‘What to do in Copenhagen?’ is that you spend plenty of time in refreshing cafes that stimulate creativity, have mind opening walks in streets embellished with colorful houses, have plenty of design shopping drawing from the fact that it is the secret fashion capital of Europe,  and finally that you explore its cuisine offering different rising tastes… In summary, we advise you to add the rising asset of Europe to your list for a short escapade.

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