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As with every year, 2020-21 Fall/winter podiums have told us all the secrets of the key trends that will come to the forefront within the season. On the other hand, the pandemic that has deeply affected us all in the beginning of the year has changed all the dynamics in this area like many other issues. The suggestions for the new season have included, inter alia, the models that have been standing out such as slim fit cuts differentiated with the ‘wild charm’ created by artificial leather, the funny details like velvet, tassels-frills, and cape-cut cloaks and overcoats referring to the world of “heroes”. However, although they are still included in winter models, the needs have led the styles to assume a different approach. So, how has the new season’s list of “must-haves” been shaped?

COMFORT AT HOME IS AT THE FOREFRONT: Although working by going to the workplace has not completely become outdated, we spend time mostly at home, and socialize over digital channels. This has firstly changed the keyword as ‘comfort’ in selection of clothes for all of us. On the other hand, this comfort is not a shabby and sloppy comfort that we let ourselves go. It refers to models that are made of comfortable and soft fabrics, but that will make your silhouette look well-groomed with their cuts, usable both in suits and separately. There are various options ranging from t-shirts to tunics, dresses and pants in these groups including, particularly, sweatsuits as the outstanding items.

QUILTED COATS: It is true that we have had a break with long-distance travels and the organizations highlighting elegance for a while. However, our daily tempo is ongoing. This makes the models featuring functionality and harmony in outerwear our favourite. In fact, quilted coats that are among must-have items of winter months are taking the leading role in this sense with pleasure. They are coming out in various colours and cuts this season: There are many options; long, short and hooded models. They also have a quite rick colour palette; but if you will prefer to follow the trends of the season, let’s add the fact that red, khaki and anthracite are on the top of the list.

CARDIGANS AND TRICOTS: It is impossible to forget the perfect combination of shirts and jackets, and especially their importance for a career style. However, it is true that a jacket is not a quite appropriate option for use at home within the framework of the “new normals” where even meetings are held from homes. At this point, cardigans and knitwear items are stepping forth and assuming this task. Especially cardigans have displayed an extremely striking adaptation this season: While classic-cut models are adding the soft and warm comfort of knitwear to the elegancy of jackets, loose models are adding richness to comfort at home. Geometric-patterned or block-coloured knitwear models are giving the chance to follow the trends without compromising comfort.

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