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As with every summer, models made of linen fabric are amongst the favourites of wardrobes this year. Linen fabric that generally befits loose models in natural colours is combined with different cuts and colours this season, thus wrapping itself up in a funny air. Linen models are provided with a quite wide range of products in Faik Sönmez collection. This stylish and elegant fabric used in a variety of clothes ranging from dresses to shirts and from pants to jackets, is the most important element of many items … You can have a look at our different linen models from the following link:


Well, let’s learn some quirky and interesting facts about the linen fabric.

1 THE OLDEST GARMENT WAS MADE WITH LINEN: The oldest garment known in the world is rooted back to the year 2800 B.C. Its fabric is linen. The dress discovered in Egypt and found to have been worn by someone when examined, albeit unknown by whom, was named as Tarkhan Dress.

2 THE MOST RELIABLE FABRIC: Linen is also one of the most important protectors of the legacy of humanity. Linen fabric shrouds were preferred for protection of Egyptian mummies because this fabric is resistant to fungus and bacteria.

3 THE COOLEST FABRIC: There is a reason why linen fabric is so popular especially in summers. It is considered as the ‘coolest’ fabric. It is because it can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture while still feeling light and cool to the touch. When you use clothes made from linen, it absorbs the perspiration. Then, the fibers swell and release the moisture to outside air. Hence, the fabric is self-cooled.

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