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We have been seeing them on nearly every item from t-shirts to track suits for the last few seasons. We can associate the tremendous impact of the glittering crystal stones on the fashion world with the fact that the fashion repeats itself. But there is another important reason: To feel good.

A news item published in The Guardian newspaper states that crystals, and indirectly, shining stones have entered the fashion’s area of interest as a result of the world-embracing alternative beliefs and treatments. Well, how? Do you feel bad? No matter what the reason is, there is absolutely a crystal that will make you feel good! This belief is too common that everybody from magazine editors to the famous old model Naomi Campbell or the fashion designer Victoria Beckham has a crystal to carry. This belief adopted by many famous names that are a source of inspiration for and leading the fashion world is unavoidably reflected into fashion designs as well. Since crystals, albeit without healing properties, turn even the simplest cuts into energetic and attractive items; they allow for emergence of feminine and indispensable models. Well, let’s mention about how you will add these models ornamented with stones to your wardrobe of this season… Here are three musts of the seasons, any or all of which you may prefer:


1 SWEATSHIRTS EMBROIDERED WITH STONES: While sweatshirts used to be considered as androgynous items worn when doing exercise only, they have virtually evolved over the last few seasons. While their colours, cuts and patterns have become different, they have also gained a feminine touch thanks to the stone embroidery added to them this season. According to editors, they are considered among the must-have items in a wardrobe.


2 KNITWEAR ITEMS WITH STONE EMBROIDERY: Cardigans are especially in the forefront among knitwear items. They are challenging the throne of jackets with their thick, loose and dense-patterned structures. Together with the stone embroidery, they turn into assertive items that can be adopted to every environment at any time of the day.


3 T-SHIRTS WITH STONE EMBROIDERY: With the addition of stones to the humble simplicity of t-shirts that are considered among extremely non-assertive and indispensable items of a wardrobe, they have gained a completely different dimension. They are among the models that are most befitting sportive-elegant styles.


When it comes to models with stone embroidery, it is up to you which you prefer; but we recommend you to keep up with the ‘stone age’ for a trendy wardrobe.

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