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Anahtar Kelime
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We know. You remain distant and try to keep ‘a discreet relationship’ with chocolate like most women do. However, a study conducted by Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston showed that flavonol found in cocoa that is a natural antioxidant is beneficial as opposed to popular belief. Regular intake of flavonol decreases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cardiac diseases. According to the study conducted on 18.000 women and men for four years, this material also stabilizes blood pressure and the insulin amount in the blood and prevents venous thromboembolism through blood vessel dilatation. In brief, eating chocolate five times a week is one of the recommendations of physicians. Of course, it will be useful to underline some points that need consideration before moving towards a pack of chocolate. You can eat chocolate, but not unlimitedly! Eating one square of chocolate five days a week is enough to take advantage of these benefits! Another recommendation is to choose bitter chocolates. The higher the cocoa rate is, the more the benefits are. Moreover, the specialists recommend to those that do not like chocolate to consume cocoa by mixing it into yoghurt or coffee.  Another development is that ‘chocolate pills’ will be released very soon.

Ad Soyad
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