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Anahtar Kelime
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31.8.2015 00:00:00

If you are paying attention to your beauty and you particularly want to protect your skin, let’s recommend you a trend that started on Instagram and gets more widespread day by day: Multimask! In this interesting trend, lots of people take forward their masks that they apply on their faces every week and apply the masks recommended for different areas of the face (eyes, nose, under-eye, forehead, etc.) at the same time.  And since they apply a few masks onto their faces at the same time, they add the prefix ‘Multi’ meaning multiple… You can see the examples of this new trend when you search with the hashtag of #multimask on Instagram; the most favourite part of this trend is that it makes you gain time. Although the appearance of the masked faces reminds of Indian tribes getting ready for the battle, the outcomes achieved subsequently indicate that this trend will remain on the agenda quite a while!

Ad Soyad
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