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With the pandemic, the dynamics in our life have changed, too. One of the changes has undoubtedly occurred in our clothing habits and perspectives. Now, most of us are aimed at building a more long-lasting and more sustainable wardrobe.

When this is taken as the starting point, what comes to the fore is the KEY PARTS that will not only add value to your style this winter and make you feel good, but also remain in your wardrobe for long years and be of use in different ways. Since every style and every need will be different, we have compiled the points that you should consider while choosing these parts:

1 LOOK OUT FOR QUALITY:  Give particular importance to the parts that will stay with you for long years and not easily lose their shape or wear out as you use them. Especially when you will buy large models like outerwear or jackets. For the purpose of both making the most of the “investment” that you make in your wardrobe, and using a model that will be good for you every time you wear it probably with its pattern, cut and colour …

2 GIVE PRIORITY TO THE MODELS THAT YOU REALLY LIKE VERY MUCH: This period with limited socializations may be misleading. Most of us think “Where we are going?”. Getting dresses is turning into an act that is done only because it is necessary. Comfort has become the keyword. However, although comfort is of course important, you deserve to feel good and to treat yourself at least under these circumstances. Therefore, even if you need a t-shirt only, we recommend you to give importance to its texture, colour, and the feel it gives to you and to prefer the models that make you feel good.

3 CHOICES THAT ARE COMPATIBLE WITH EACH OTHER: What you need may be a shirt for your home-office meetings or an elegant jacket that you will buy to use in future … The compatibility of the parts you choose with each other will make it easier for you to create dozens of different styles. For examples, you can combine a jacket with a classic cut which you have bought to wear on pencil skirts with a t-shirt and jeans and wear them with your sneakers; thus, creating a sporty-chic and avant-garde style in an instant.

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