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Anahtar Kelime
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14.11.2016 00:00:00

Do you think that ‘Sleeping less is enough for me’? Then, we recommend you to think of it again. As a matter of fact, the studies on sleep show that those sleeping less than 7 hours a day may encounter many health problems.

1     The people sleeping less than required for their bodies are inclined to eat unhealthier foods and larger meal portions. They start to eat high-carb foods and add more junk food to their market shopping baskets!

2     Lack of sleep also causes minor or major accidents! Although the person may feel well, he/she actually suffers from concentration problems. This may result in serious consequences ranging from minor clumsiness to major accidents.

3     Beauty sleep is not a myth! The hormones released while sleeping accelerates the regeneration of the skin. Lack of sleep leads to sagging skin, under-eye bags, and even hair shedding in time.

4     Lack of sleep also impairs the defence mechanism. The immune system of the body is able to be renewed during sleep. Sleeping less makes you become more sensitive to common cold and flu.

Ad Soyad
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