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Anahtar Kelime
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25.8.2015 00:00:00

Your wardrobe is flooded with clothes, but you cannot find anything to wear? Then, let’s say: It is time to detox your wardrobe! What does this mean? It means that you should separate your clothes and get rid of the pieces that you must throw away! Well, how should you do it in order to not regret? Here are 3 steps that will guide you in this process! When should you throw that piece?

1 WHEN IT STARTS TO STINK! Some materials start to retain the body odour no matter how many times you wash them. The reason is that the fibers in such clothes have now become quite worn out. You can face this problem especially with cotton t-shirts.

2 IF IT DOES NOT FIT ON YOU: Keeping a piece of clothing “for wearing when you lose weight!” may demoralize you rather than motivating you as you think. Considering that you may buy other parts that are trendier in that period instead of that piece, you will have kept it in your wardrobe in vain!

3 IF YOU ARE TRYING, BUT NEVER WEARING IT: Even if you say “I cannot spare it”, you secretly know the fact: You will try it for many more times, but at the last moment, you will change it and wear another piece of clothing. Then, it does not make sense to keep it in vain; does it?

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