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Anahtar Kelime
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Stress is now a part of modern life. And blowing-off steam has become even more difficult. If you are saying “I cannot get rid of my tension no matter what happens!”, you can give your ear to the methods for blowing off your steam recommended by your zodiac sign…


ARIES: For Aries, the zodiac sign with a burning soul, the most effective method for letting off steam from your body is to exercise. Run, do kick-box or just take a brisk walk. But add movement to your life when you are in stress!


TAURUS: The fixed flaw of Taurus people is to fall back upon eating when they are in stress. This consequently increases their weight and therefore their stress. It is the most reasonable solution to keep a balanced diet and to head for healthful options in moments of stress.


GEMINI: For Gemini people that are addicted to learning, the best way to get rid of stress without damage is, beyond doubt, to add new and exciting information to their mind. Therefore, try to talk about or research and learn some information about the issue that causes your stress.


CANCER: Home is one of the places where Cancer people feel themselves on top of the world. Turn your home into “nest” in moments of stress. Stay at home as much as possible; cook your favourite dishes for yourself. Spare time to your beloved ones.


LEO: For Leo people full of beans, the most effective method for letting off steam is, beyond doubt, creating… Be it a song, or a drawing, or a dish … Concentrate on the one that you are talented in and cut your stress down with your creativity.


VIRGO: For a Virgo, overwhelming workload is an adequate source of stress. Successfully completing a job relieve their mind. If the works are too overwhelming to cause stress and there are long-term projects, doing cleaning is the most relieving method for Virgo people. It is finished quickly, results are easily obtained and this spontaneously eases Virgo people that are in love with order.


LIBRA: Making clever conversations is the most relieving activity for Libra people that we can consider as the sign of bilateral relationships. An intimate conversation with pearls of wisdom that can be made in a book club, in a circle of friends or with your close friends will instantly cut your stress load.


SCORPIO: For Scorpios, spending quality time with their spouses will be extremely stress-relieving if such time is spent with some romance. The times when they are alone together and can share their emotions are the times that are most loved by Scorpios, allowing them to forget their stress.


SAGITTARIUS: As the most curious one among all zodiac signs, Sagittarius people are always after deep meanings. Therefore, when they are in stress, the method that will calm them down is to take wise inspirations from the people that they respect.


CAPRICORN: Capricorns are always climbing up an imaginary mountain that will enable them to reach their targets that they keep in their minds. The most effective way for such

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