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Every season has its colour palettes. As the seasons change, these palettes also change. Sometimes lively and pretentious tones and sometimes pastel and neutral colours stand out. However, no matter how much the trends change, some colours are always constant in our wardrobes. The colour blue and especially blue shirts are one of them. We usually prefer to wear our blue shirts when we don’t know what to wear, no matter whether they are patterned, striped, plain or textured; or whether with classic or assertive cuts.

Well, have you ever thought about the reason of this? Blue is generally associated with inner peace and personal balance. It refers to trust, honesty, and loyalty. When considered from psychological aspects, it creates a feeling of relaxation, peace and serenity. The colour therapy specialists indicate that this colour is also related with healing, understanding and softness. As blue gets a little darker, it creates a sense of knowledge, dignity, strength and integrity. Faith, wisdom and reality are also the other concepts that are associated with this colour.

In brief, these may be the underlying reasons explaining why you love blue and prefer it especially on certain days. You can also use the characteristics of this colour in your style to your benefit in different ways.

Blue may be your secret supporter:

-          when going to a job interview

-          in a difficult meeting or presentation

-          when buying and selling goods

-          when you need to convince someone.

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