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While winter is gradually making its presence felt, knitwear is becoming an undeniable choice. Having lost their thrones to comfortable and warm sweatshirts during the period of lockdown at homes, knitwear has made an extremely strong come-back in the winter season. The models that were previously limited to roll-neck, V-neck and twinset models are now offering dozens of different cut, colour, pattern, and texture options. Which model you will choose among so many models will be determined by your style that you feel comfortable with; however, you can use our mini guide which will facilitate your choice:


Turtleneck/roll-neck (cowl neckline or straight) is among the collar cuts standing out together with V, round, bateau and polo necks. Shoulders are generally off-shoulder and cuts are a little looser. Knitwear lengths are extending up to point just above the hipline whereas there are also some models with shorter lengths. This picture is a little different for cardigans: short lengths are not preferred at all. As a matter of fact, the lengths of oversize cardigans are extending up to the knees. They end at the hipline again in classical cuts. As for tight and closed sleeve cuts that are generally heated up with details in contrast colours, there are also rare A-line models available.

PATTERNS AND COLOURS: Lines, geometric shapes and flowers. These patterns are drawing attention at first sight in seasonal knitwear. Different versions of argyle pattern are adding elegance to the season. There is a quite wide palette of colours. While grey and its tones are preferred sometimes in gradient and sometimes in mingling patterns; it is also possible to see colours of vibrant tones ranging from orange to pink; however, monochrome is well ahead in knitwear.

TEXTURES: There are two ends of the options when it comes to textures. Not only the textures that are thick-knitted and soft like a blanket, but also extremely thin models that can be worn as a t-shirt under a jacket are among the favourite ones.

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