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Anahtar Kelime
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Winter and flowers … This pair that has not come together for long years takes an important place among the trends of this season. If you have not yet decided whether to add a floral part to your collection this season, our recommendations might be a help to you:

1 - EXTREMELY TRENDY: Every form or shape of flowers is extremely trendy. If you want to design a fashionable style, the way to it passes through flowers. Let’s answer the question ‘What kind of a flower?’: Every flower is acceptable! Be it either a pattern comprising small flowers used on a dress or shirt, or a rose embroidery used in front of a sweatshirt. There is no limit about it.

2 - SOURCE OF ENERGY: Confess it … Don’t the flowers make you happy even if you feel yourself most unhappy? The studies conducted show that flowers have a healing power almost for everybody. Then, why not to add some of their energy to your style? Especially when the weather is dark and rainy!

3 - PRACTICAL AND EASY: Flowers add fashion in an instant to any style. This particularly shortens the time spent in despair in front of your wardrobe on business days asking yourself ‘What to wear?’. Our recommendation? Use floral print clothes together, this is considered among the strongest movements of this season. But if you want a more guaranteed style, combine densely floral patterns with a plain clothing part selected from the tones used in that pattern. For example, combining a floral print pants with a red t-shirt or matching a floral print blouse with jeans…

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