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Let’s take a look at the history of “quilting” that is frequently on our agenda in the winter. Firstly, let’s explain the term: Quilting is the name given to the sewing process binding at least two fabric layers. It is used sometimes decoratively, and sometimes with a plain stitching. It is generally the most popular stitching pattern used in diamond-quilted jackets.

Despite the fact that quilting became popular especially in the 17th century, it is dated back to the Middle Ages. It is known to have been used not only in Europe, but also in India and the Far East. This method was at first used mostly for bedclothes; but then, it was started to be preferred for clothes as well due to its lightness and insulating properties.

However, although it is such an ancient technique, quilted jackets that we know today entered the fashion world in 1965. It was invented by Steve Guylas and his wife Edna. Guylas who was an enthusiast for fishing and hunting laid the foundations of this functional model in order to meet his own needs. The first quilted clothing designed by him was a waterproof quilted vest which was made of polyester.  However, when his friends also asked for this model, his range of products that were at first produced in light olive green and dark blue only started to expand. Having progressively developed since then, quilted coats are now offering different options reinforced with stronger fillings, bird feathers and technical fabrics as well. The Faik Sönmez collections are leading the quilting fashion with a wide range of products extending from coats to vests and jackets made available with different colours, cuts and details. The fact that they are timeless and practical makes them indispensable.

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