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Anahtar Kelime
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After a winter season that we have completely spent in our sweatpants, ‘pants’ may not sound like a very a tempting idea… However, if you think this way, let’s remind you that you are wrong. In fact, the summer season is standing out with dozens of models with their stylish cuts, perfect fits and original patterns and textures. Their common point is their comfort …

During our “home-office” days that we have spent with Zoom meetings, we gave priority to our top pieces. Elegant blouses and pretentious jackets accompanied by knitted, elastic waist pants. Even tracksuits and sometimes pyjamas on the days when we guaranteed that we would not stand up! We are having a somewhat reverse situation this summer. Now, bottom pieces are getting diversified and becoming attractive. In brief, we have a season full with pants featuring the anti-zoom trend ahead of us.


The legs and cuffs of pants that were kept ‘in the shades’ for a long time are now determined to regain the attention that they deserve. This appears sometimes with games of cuts, and sometimes with legs and cuffs heated up with details. A lace detail added to the legs and cuffs instead of slits, ‘flare’ legs that are narrower at the knee an becoming wider towards the ankle level and additionally, the slit details that are frequently seen are the elements heating up the legs or cuffs of pants.


Another element that creates a difference in pants is the patterns … While linen fabrics with vertical lines add a boho-chic style to pants models, pyjama-cut models with floral patterns are the favourite of the funnier summer styles.


Different details are another striking feature that we see in the pants of the season. While we continue to see the stripe detail that has become indispensable for the fashion world in the new season; the models heated up with large pockets on both sides, stone embroidery and hollow punch detail are also attracting attention.

What these different models that are totally different from each other actually have in common is that comfort comes first for them, in terms of both their patterns and their fabrics…

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