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Dresses can change every woman’s wardrobe from head to foot… You can be feminine, plain, classic, sporty, or shabby with a single piece… The spring-summer 2022 dress trends are also offering many options that will help you in this respect. There are also the cuts that will instantly revise your style as well as the models with which you can demonstrate your assertive style.

So, what should you pay attention to choose the most correct dress among the summer models? Firstly, it is important that the dress you choose offers a versatile use. In other words, you should be able to turn your style from casual to elegant by merely changing your shoes and accessories. Most of the new season models are offering this advantage to you. On the other hand, practicality constitutes another important point. It is also preferable to choose a comfortable fit allowing you to feel good and to dash out of your house as soon as you wear it without any need for extra details or ‘adornments’. The last point is to decide whether the model you will choose will be ‘fashionable’ or ‘timeless’. While the cuts, patterns and colours closely following the trends of the season will help you to build the most impressive styles this season, more classic cuts and colours will allow you to have a model that you can wear for long years…

In the light of this key information, we can give examples about the must-have models of this season:

1 Shirt dresses: Shirt dresses that are enriched with details or patterns this season are continuing to remain as the favourites of all time.

2 Games of cuts: Sometimes a surprising décolleté on the back, sometimes an assertive slit or frills adding joy… Dresses are heated up with such details of cuts. The models with these details are on the top of the ‘must-have’ list.

3 Colours and patterns: Despite the fact that black continues to be the favourite colour also in the summer, dresses are getting funnier and more colourful than ever before in this season. Especially for those who want to build a style embracing the spirit of the time…

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