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Anahtar Kelime
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When it comes to fashion trends, there is an unchanging fact: Stripes. No matter what the main trends are, striped models are taking their places in almost every collection and instantly adding an original air to the models that they are used together. On the other hand, the stripe pattern is now giving up being merely the “complementary trend” and taking its place among macrotrends with quite more assertive and bold expositions. Yarn-dyed knitted colourful models are also pushing forward in addition to thick, assertive, and colourful stripes.

So, how can you use the striped models that are in almost every wardrobe and design the most elegant style? Here is the answer:

-          FOR SIMPLE ELEGANCE: Take a single striped piece as the focal point of style. Your striped piece can be a shirt or a skirt … It is up to you, but choose the complementary piece without a pattern in solid colours. A model with a minimal cut and with the darkest or lightest shade of the striped model that you have chosen will make it quite easier for you to build a simple, but memorable style.

-          FOR A TRENDSETTER STYLE: Stripes are as free and assertive as possible this year. You can use two striped pieces together for a more attractive and trendier outlook. The pieces with the same pattern, i.e., one with horizontal and the other with longitudinal stripes, are ideal for you to design and create a lively and original style. The Faik Sönmez collection is now offering many options in this regard this season.

-          FOR A CLASSIC AIR: You can also use stripes to build a more classic and serious style. To this effect, there are many options offered for classic-cut shirts. There are models differing in thickness as well as models creating a geometric pattern by combining various stripe sizes. We recommend you to prefer such a piece for the top groups and to pay attention that your complementary model is a model with a minimal cut in solid colour. You can combine a black-and-white striped classic-cut shirt with white slim-fit chino trousers.

No matter what style you prefer, we suggest you not to forget to enrich your style with timeless and versatile striped models you will always use. In fact, stripes will always raise the ‘line’ of your style on the days when you cannot decide what to wear.

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