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Comfortable, easy to combine with other pieces and fashionable … All these properties make knitwear the favourite pieces of the spring. Colour blocks are the most outstanding feature in the knitwear of this season. Large blocks that sometimes bring together the tones in contrast and sometimes those that are harmonious with each other add a rich touch to knitwear. Silvery details are another attractive feature of knitwear. The transparent details also constitute a favourite touch of the knitwear of the season. These transparent stripes applied on collars add a feminine touch to these models with minimal cuts. Generally, the main colours attract attention in the knitwear: Beige, white, black, dark blue … On the other hand, the colours used in the details are quite emphasized with a wide range of colours: like fuchsia and red. Finally, the most remarkable pattern in the knitwear is the striped pattern… If you are looking for a permanent model that you can use all season long in order to enrich your wardrobe, we recommend you to prefer low-shoulder short-sleeved models. You can have a look at our different models here:

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