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Although term ‘kazayağı’ (the term in Turkish meaning houndstooth) is not a favourite word because it refers to the wrinkles around the eyes, this changes when it comes to the fashion world. In fact, the houndstooth pattern instantly adds class and elegance to nearly all pieces that it is combined with. The most attractive pattern of the new season, the houndstooth pattern mostly appears in brown tones and top groups. Having originated in Scotland in 1800s, this original pattern has turned into the symbol of elegancy after it became the mostly used pattern by French fashion houses in 1930s. Frequently combined with close-fitting dresses as well as jackets and pants, the fabric offers more sporty and modern interpretations of style in the fall-winter season. On the other hand, it does not compromise its elegant presence. When you prefer this intense pattern causing optical illusion, we recommend you to pay attention that the other piece you will combine it with has a plain and solid colour selected from the tones used in the pattern. Thus, it will be easy for you to create a simple, but elegant balance. When you choose a blouse or shirt with houndstooth pattern, we also recommend you to use earrings only as accessories, which will add elegance to your style.

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