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We know that the holiday will begin as soon as the lockdown is over! While we are leaving a long winter behind, our styles have been shaped according to the pandemic period that we have been currently passing through. Now, it is time to ease off! Here, we have compiled for you our suggestions that will allow you to answer the question “What should I take with me?” while going on a holiday more quickly:

1-      You actually need less clothes than you think. In other words, we recommend you not to make your suitcase heavier by saying ‘Just in case’. Instead, prefer the pieces that you can use in a versatile manner and combine with each other. For example, you can wear white trousers with high-heeled sandals and an elegant blouse in the evenings, or with sneakers and a floaty t-shirt to create a sporty air.

2-      We can define the mathematics of a good suitcase as 2 bottoms, 5-6 tops and a dress. Except for swimsuits, towels and other necessities of course. Accordingly, t-shirts will the most favourite pieces of your suitcase. Apart from the basic models outstanding with their cuts, which you can wear both day and night, you can use the models with prints and stone embroidery in the evenings and make them more stylish by using them with accessories.

3-      Don’t think that I will not feel cold! You must add to your suitcase a trench coat, sweatshirt or a cardigan that will instantly warm you up when needed! In fact, even if the region that you are going to may be ‘tropical’, the season that we are in can surprise you.

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