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Effortless elegance with a single piece … Dresses manage to become the star part in nearly every wardrobe, merely due to this feature. Of course, they gain a much more practicable and elegant appearance with a few small touches added or changed every season.

With these features, Dresses are at the forefront in 2019 Spring-summer season, too. However, unlike the other seasons, they have managed to become both pretentious and simple this season. Well, how did they do it?

The ‘Tropical breeze’, one of the major trends of the season, is enriching the dresses in terms of both their colours and their patterns. Ethnic motifs and cross stitch embroidery with a handmade outlook become the source of energy for solid-colour models. When these delicate details are combined with ruffled shoulders and frilled skirts; the boho-chic air becomes the favourite of summer days with both its simplicity and its striking effect. There is also another style that can be considered as the exact opposite of this joyful, avant-garde and feminine emphasis in this new season. Especially asymmetrical skirts and arm and back details attract attention in these solid-coloured models. Patterns constitute another feature that is worth mentioning. Especially the floaty fabrics of long and loose dresses with slits are combined with vivid patterns or stripes, thus enriching the styles. As for the three ‘must-have’ dresses from the new season:

-          A ‘boho-chic’ dress standing out with its long, loose and frilled hems and striking bold colours

-          An evening dress made of chiffon and jazzed up with lacework or transparent details.

-          A strappy dress that is indispensable for every summer season.

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