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Anahtar Kelime
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It is originally written as ‘Marine’… But in our language, it is used like it is read: Marin. The word covers any and all issues related with the sea and when it comes to the fashion world, it becomes a current issue from the time the spring is started to be felt even if it is not considered among macro- or micro-trends.

As you can understand from the introduction, ‘Marin’ is not one of the new season trends introduced on the podiums. On the other hand, this does not prevent it from being an everlasting summer trend… This dynamic and enjoyable theme is considered a must for a wardrobe in order to achieve both a practical and young style.

This season, we must pay attention to one point … The marine theme that normally comes to the fore in hot summers would be defined with floaty cotton shirts, shorts, and undershirts. However, we are now seeing it in the parts that mostly belong to the spring in the new season. Its comfortable and sportive presence as usual is now getting an urban, smart-casual touch. While the patterns are now used with a more dignified style, the colours that are the distinctive sign of the theme add energy to this presence.

Cuts are comfortable again, as if you would be taking a yacht journey. The length of trouser legs is ¾; but not too loose. The mariners’ double-breasted jackets with metallic buttons are now revised as unlined patterns with single or two buttons. They are integrated with embroidery and vivid colours.

We see the lines constituting the unchanging pattern of this trend varying in thickness. They are sometimes used as fine lines and sometimes as blocks. Colours are maintaining the never-changing palette of the trend: Red, dark blue and white …

It is extremely easy to follow this theme. Our recommendation for style is to try brave parts as well without merely sticking on classical ones.

Ad Soyad
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