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Dresses still continue to be the most functional and favourite part of a style. Most of the time, dresses are our unchanging saviour for a short, but impressive elegance… As with every season, the models of the new season are offering a wide range of products to all of us. Loose, tight, strappy, shirt… There are many different cuts used in the models. The patterns are standing out with striped, floral-patterned and geometric motifs.  Lightweight knitted and woven fabrics not irritating our skin are complementing these models.

These varieties in the dress models that you will choose in the new season are intersecting at a single point: functionality. We have the change to carry many models from day to night, and to transform them from sporty to stylish appearances with just a few touches.

At this point, the right shoes and accessories are taking the centre stage. You can not only make a dress with a minimal cut to appear sporty all out and out with sneakers and oversizer cardigans; but also contribute to your career style by combining the same dress with stilettos and a jacket.

Accessories are the other materials that you need to ‘update’ your dress; earrings, necklaces, belts and bags will always come to your rescue to change the style of your dress.

In brief, the style editors are recommending you to be brave when it comes to dresses, and to give a chance to bold expositions by breaking your mould.

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