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Anahtar Kelime
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Claret red takes an important place in the colour palette of the winter season. Actually, it is not a very big surprise because claret red is one of the colours that is always loved by winter styles. However, unlike the other seasons, its tone is a little darker and has a more feminine shade this season. And this generally adds a privilege to this elegant colour that can be easily adapted to styles this winter. Claret red stands out in different parts in Faik Sönmez collection. It is seen in trousers, pullovers, blouses and mostly in elegant dresses taking attention with their minimal cuts. We don’t know which one you would prefer; however, we recommend you to make room for claret red in your wardrobe this winter in order to design a trendy style. As for the style recommendations that we have gathered from the editors of various fashion magazines in relation to this joyful colour:

-          Claret red is an elegant and feminine colour. And this generally adds adignifiedtouch to the parts combined with this colour. You can try the dresses attracting interest with their cuts and fabrics, underlining these features. Another alternative is a sportive style that will be completely in contrast with this emphasis of the colour, adding a more modern and joyful air to it.

-          Faik Sönmez collection contains elegant dresses to which you may add your interpretation by combining them with stilettos, big golden jewellery accessories and jackets for special invitations. You can also add a sportive touch to these models by wearing them with ballerina shoes (or thigh boots) and jean jackets added to scarves.

-          The part that you combine with the claret red colour which we also see in trousers and blouses is important. Since the colour itself is actually strong and assertive, the other part that you will select with a more neutral and less flamboyant tone will make it easier for you to create a balanced style.

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