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During the lockdown, we have become accustomed to the soft and comfortable home elegance. However, as we gradually switch to our normal lives, pants are taking back their throne. On the other hand, if you find the idea of pants very serious and do not lean towards them; you can make a smoother transition.


You may not look kindly upon the idea of trousers that will tighten your waist and restrict your movements after the comfort of tracksuits. However, tried-and-tested models made from elastane fabrics may allow you to carry the comfort of tracksuits to the elegance of pants.

SLIM FIT COTTON PANTS included in the permanent collection of Faik Sönmez is a good option that is both comfortable and easy to combine, with two different colour options, and especially the white version of them:

Black pants heated up with their lace details on their legs may be the choice of those looking for a more elegant model:

As the continuation of ‘at-home comfort’ trend that stood out during the pandemic, pyjama-cut pants are offering a stylish and useful option with their flexible fabrics, comfortable patterns with elastic waists and original patterns. You can add them to your style for modern, lively and comfortable styles.

The models with floaty cuts widening towards the legs are ideal for a transition from tracksuits to pants… There are numerous options ranging from linen fabrics to crepe in these models that will not be skin-tight, but will rather add elegance to the styles that they are combined with. While beige and white are standing out in solid colours, stripes are drawing attention in patterns.

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